Skelerector 2006

This years big project was the skelerector.
Haunt Club Chicago got together, designed and built 10 of these things.  Toby Wrolson was the mastermind behind the project.  Toby, Upier, and Dan did most of the tube welding while the rest of us cut, grinded, and bolted together the frames.

Later, I built the corpse and toe pincher as his home.  The corpse started life as a 6ft foam skeleton  from Menards (You can see him on the last page.)  The torso, arms, and legs were good, I swapped out the skull for a Terror Syndicate Gravestalker , reformed the hands and went to town with a 1/2 gallon of Cementex Cream Latex, and some crazy netting I bought at Walgreens.  2 of the skulls on the coffin are Terror Syndicate skulls.  The one in the center I casted myself using GreatStuff.  

Here are a bunch of pictures.  Sorry for the lack of 'how-to', but without the help of the whole club, I couldn't make another one of these frames if I tried.

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P1010001 P1010002 P1010003 P1010004 P1010005 P1010006
P1010001.jpg P1010002.jpg P1010003.jpg P1010004.jpg P1010005.jpg P1010006.jpg
P1010058 P1010062 P1010068 P1010075 P1010076 P1010190
P1010058.jpg P1010062.jpg P1010068.jpg P1010075.jpg P1010076.jpg P1010190.jpg
P1010191 P1010192 P1010196 P1010197 P1010199 P1010200
P1010191.jpg P1010192.jpg P1010196.jpg P1010197.jpg P1010199.jpg P1010200.jpg
P1010203 P1010204 P1010205 P1010208 P1010209 p1010194
P1010203.jpg P1010204.jpg P1010205.jpg P1010208.jpg P1010209.jpg p1010194.jpg
q1010004 q1010008 q1010010 q1010011 q1010014 q1010015
q1010004.jpg q1010008.jpg q1010010.jpg q1010011.jpg q1010014.jpg q1010015.jpg
q1010019 q1010021 q1010022 q1010026 q1010031 q1010033
q1010019.jpg q1010021.jpg q1010022.jpg q1010026.jpg q1010031.jpg q1010033.jpg